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  2. thank you very much, this was the issue.
  3. Check to see if you have done this Once this is completed you must do one file edit, this file edit is used primarily so that V2 games will save scores on your website (this includes HTML5 games) On your server go to admin/extensions and find the file coreVariables.php and open it in a good text editor (I prefer using notepad ++) Find this line in the file ###### Redirect IPB 2.x to IPB 3.0 URLS ###### should be around line 412 directly below that you will need to add this code # Arcade if( isset( $_REQUEST['act'] ) && $_REQUEST['act'] == 'Arcade' ) { $_RESET['app'] = 'arcade'; $_RESET['module'] = 'save'; } Make sure you save the file when the edit has been completed
  4. no idea? please help!
  5. A report has been filed for Tripeaks Solitaire Beach Resort, please ensure that you provide as much data as possible to help us in resolving the issue for which you are reporting this game. Issue Reported: Plays fine for first few levels then you get this message and the game stalls This game is brought to you for free by our sponsors:
  6. unfortunately after the update to 5.3.0 the scores are not saved in the GOW, only in the arcade. Please help! Thx Tschieny
  7. That would be my preference too. :)
  8. Earlier
  9. I changed my password and got in after thanks. I can understand about moving with the times but right now flash still works and I prefer the old flash games.
  10. I could go along with this, but flash will be with us for a long time yet, They claim the end of 2020, but there are others working on ways to keep flash games going.. Here is one already doing it: https://discordapp.com/channels/432708847304704010/474073278751834112 Now how about Owners who will not or can not for unknown reasons, do the change over, are they left in the dark, to sink if there arcade shows error/s, how about the Owners running phpBB and vBulletin who are using ibProarcade and v3Aracde.. Sorry but I know nothing about phpbb and vBulletin, or even the arcade systems..
  11. I would get ride of 3 dogs and make IPA the only site.
  12. For me the best option is to move into the future, set a deadline for the closure of support for the current 3.4 arcade and concentrate all efforts on the newer version. With the changes in software such as php, flash etc, it will become increasingly difficult to support the older version. Set a precedent, have only the new arcade, with only HTML5 games, I think this would encourage all to move forward with the times. And would also allow you to have some kind of confirmation that the old arcade is unsupported.
  13. Are you using the same password on ipsproarcade that you use here ?
  14. I would keep 3dogs with current games on here like you have with flash and html5 and use the V4 site as a test site only for the new arcade. Btw...having a problem getting on the V4 site as it's not recognising me. I'm in
  15. You spent all that time revising the new arcade, you opened IpsArcadePro , we all went there and registered, with the understanding that this was the forum we'd be using, for support and downloading of games.. I understand how servers work, because when I hit a certain amount of games my forum, it closed for lack of space, had to do a quick move to a VPS Host.. Flash games are good until the end of 2020 which is a long way off.. If it were my choice I'd go with IpsArcadePro build it back up and beyond what is was before.. Then take a full backup of 3 dogs, and shelve the forum..
  16. I shuld try to make simple so possible and effective in same time. 3 Dogs and IpsArcadePro on same server 3Dogs for playing flash and Html 5 games and enjoy playing (many players never wrote any post) and place for admins with v3 of IPS. IpsProArcade - support, feedback, suggestions and new relases of ipsproarcade for IPS 4 (admins who want upgraded should come to IpsProArcade) and just few games when we wait support answers to play. In future is now problem upload more games. Them who want double accounts on both sities=no problem. Best Solution is keep 3dogs and remove old forums (what you do not need more) because here is not v3 arcade more, and you have everything what you need on one site. Make clean 3Dogs and make section for ipsproarcade and that it is!
  17. There has not been this many HTML5 games converted to work with this arcade yet This makes no sense to me as then members have to switch between two sites depending on if they want to play flash or HTML5 games, makes more sense to have one repository Cost is not an issue at this point as both sites are maintained on one server, do not want to have to go to two servers if we can combine two sites into one. Lets face it, V3 support at some point will end and only V4 support and beyond will be our main focus. The time is now, I need to make a decision soon so that our way forward is laid out
  18. Suppose the question is " How long will Flash Games work " ? I have 56,839 Flash Games . ( When no Flash then pointless ) Yet only 5,191 HTML5 Games ( Imagine that will increase as coders move with the times ) Did grab the 1st 500 JVH5 Games ( must be loads more now but never looked ) So if Flash is going to pass then it will be some time before sites end up with say 10,000 Games . Personally I would keep 3Dogs to Flash only untill it no longer works . IpsProArcade to Html5 Games and V4 support only . If JVH5 Games work then add to IpsProArcade . Finally you mention cost ( what would it cost (( extra )) to keep both ?
  19. ipsProArcade is our way forward and should be hosted on a domain with the same name, so I agree that at some point 3 Dogs will go away and only be ipsProArcade remaining, just want to get the feeling of everyone. 3 dogs was built to support the old V3 version, and at some point, I would imagine everyone will be forced in one fashion or another, to catch up with the rest of the internet
  20. They will have 3 Dogs for playing! Everybody must accept that You can not have 18000 games on IpsProArcade site and 18000 games on 3 Dogs site. Those players that sign up on IpsProArcade for playing should have 100 - 500 games only. This is just my comments and opinions or feelings. regards bosss P. S. Maybe in future you should take down 3 Dogs site or maybe IpsProArcade site - depends of customers and how many admins should upgrade their sities to IPS 4, and new admins who want arcade. Xenforo, vBulletin 5 have not arcade, vBulletin 4 is on the end. Make one balance of situation what is today and future.
  21. Thanks Bosss for your comments in regards to the games, what about those that sign up on ipsproarcade but only want to play games ?
  22. I will give my opinion or try to describe my "feelings" 1. we need ipsproarcade site - customers and (maybe new customers) should get support, give feedbacks and download new releases of arcade for IPS 4. 2. on ipsproarcade is ok with few games - because we admins on own sities can play but not so much playing games on ipsproarcade 3. 3 Dogs can be site for playing and downloading games I appreciated all your work and also your cooperation with us and listening our wishes to make ipsproarcade better and better. regards bosss P.S. sorry on my english.
  23. Here is the next conundrum in the life and times of ipsProArcade, and I am tossing it out to those of you who have a vested interest We currently have both 3 Dogs Arcade and ipsProArcade hosted on the same server and currently have enough space for both IF we begin to add all of the Flash games to the ipsProArcade.com site, we will quickly run out of space on this server IF we do not add the flash files, that means if you want flash games you will have to visit both sites Adding an additional server would mean a more expense to US and am not sure that is a good alternative Question 1 - do we keep both sites and only have the flash games hosted here Question 2 - do we get rid of ipsProArcade and host everything here on 3 Dogs Question 3 - do we move all of the flash games to ipsProArcade and get rid of them here Question 4 - do we move everything to ipsProArcade and shut down 3 Dogs, which I am OK with, just need to know what everyones feelings are So if you don't mind, take a few minutes and let me know what your feelings are
  24. Thanks for the info and good luck!
  25. Not my usual thing, but I fixed all of the Firework Fever levels, got rid of the alerts and fixed the descriptions to not include "Manual" install. Enjoy.
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