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  1. I could go along with this, but flash will be with us for a long time yet, They claim the end of 2020, but there are others working on ways to keep flash games going.. Here is one already doing it: https://discordapp.com/channels/432708847304704010/474073278751834112 Now how about Owners who will not or can not for unknown reasons, do the change over, are they left in the dark, to sink if there arcade shows error/s, how about the Owners running phpBB and vBulletin who are using ibProarcade and v3Aracde.. Sorry but I know nothing about phpbb and vBulletin, or even the arcade systems..
  2. You spent all that time revising the new arcade, you opened IpsArcadePro , we all went there and registered, with the understanding that this was the forum we'd be using, for support and downloading of games.. I understand how servers work, because when I hit a certain amount of games my forum, it closed for lack of space, had to do a quick move to a VPS Host.. Flash games are good until the end of 2020 which is a long way off.. If it were my choice I'd go with IpsArcadePro build it back up and beyond what is was before.. Then take a full backup of 3 dogs, and shelve the forum..
  3. Thanks Legion for letting us know what is going on with the arcade forum.. I know it is devastating the lost of all the hard work you and tubesock have done to just see it disappear in front of your eyes.. It is a very popular site, and will be once more. All the best in rebuilding..Thanks for being there for all of us..
  4. Ronald

    ipro arcade

    OK sorry about this. I guess maybe I'm the only one still on 3.4.9 Thanks Legion.
  5. Ronald

    ipro arcade

    In the ACP go to Look & Feel, over on the left side look for Template Tool click on and when it opens, you will see Recache Skin Sets, click the button and it'll recache all the skins you have on the forum..
  6. Can you center the games, see image, other wise looks real good.
  7. Not for me, clicked on Origon and clicked to play one his game, brought me back to the forum.
  8. I also have that problem, also when checking game info brings you back to start a topic..
  9. No good. I was downloading last night and it said public_html/arcade So I figured the games were going into that file.. Good nothing was entered then Thanks
  10. I couldn't find the tar in the FTP, so I installed 72 games in the cpanel.. Now when I clicked on arcade and it opened, next I clicked tar and it opens, next I go up top click on download and slide a 72 group of game in and it starts downloading. I check the game installer recache tar file, and nothing is coming in.. I went back later and checked again, still nothing. I go back in the cpanel and I notice the games are not installing in the tar, but are installing in the "home/ronaldsarcade/public_html/arcade"....Now how can I get these games deleted from here..
  11. Not sure but I think Flash, maybe I can have an answer for both if it's possible.
  12. And how would I look for this to make changes?
  13. Anyone, been a month now, looking for an answer?
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