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  1. I shuld try to make simple so possible and effective in same time. 3 Dogs and IpsArcadePro on same server 3Dogs for playing flash and Html 5 games and enjoy playing (many players never wrote any post) and place for admins with v3 of IPS. IpsProArcade - support, feedback, suggestions and new relases of ipsproarcade for IPS 4 (admins who want upgraded should come to IpsProArcade) and just few games when we wait support answers to play. In future is now problem upload more games. Them who want double accounts on both sities=no problem. Best Solution is keep 3dogs and remove old forums (what you do not need more) because here is not v3 arcade more, and you have everything what you need on one site. Make clean 3Dogs and make section for ipsproarcade and that it is!
  2. They will have 3 Dogs for playing! Everybody must accept that You can not have 18000 games on IpsProArcade site and 18000 games on 3 Dogs site. Those players that sign up on IpsProArcade for playing should have 100 - 500 games only. This is just my comments and opinions or feelings. regards bosss P. S. Maybe in future you should take down 3 Dogs site or maybe IpsProArcade site - depends of customers and how many admins should upgrade their sities to IPS 4, and new admins who want arcade. Xenforo, vBulletin 5 have not arcade, vBulletin 4 is on the end. Make one balance of situation what is today and future.
  3. I will give my opinion or try to describe my "feelings" 1. we need ipsproarcade site - customers and (maybe new customers) should get support, give feedbacks and download new releases of arcade for IPS 4. 2. on ipsproarcade is ok with few games - because we admins on own sities can play but not so much playing games on ipsproarcade 3. 3 Dogs can be site for playing and downloading games I appreciated all your work and also your cooperation with us and listening our wishes to make ipsproarcade better and better. regards bosss P.S. sorry on my english.
  4. You must contact @tubesock or @Legionaire and send PM with your domain. (ioncube must be enabled on your server)
  5. How use that and blank out text " no current alerts" not all Alerts!
  6. When you click on some game and after - higscores - looks not fine
  7. My point is that arcade is not scientific work but appreciated your work and improvements - please try finish one project and after start another one (wishes, tags, prefixes, points, layout, and now jackpots) - soon we should need book with instructions for our users and ourselfs. No project is finished or ended .... hope you understand my point... i know that allways be new things and improvements ... regards bosss
  8. With shoutbox or without 😆
  9. I downloaded 2 Html 5 games from here - Academy Bubble level 20 and 40 and can not install on my site - hade two games level 43 and 21 and worked not - just loading i do not know where was problem - maybe new arcade release - because did not tested before with previous arcade release.
  10. Nice look but almost same info take a look
  11. you mean - those corrupt games stopp install rest of games?
  12. bosss


    @tubesock works not again - maybe you work something ...
  13. when you click on game from forum index - game blocks - can play, but not from arcade home page
  14. Had same problems - but arcade tar installer takes care about that - just click one time more " recache tar files" and you can continue with installation.
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