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  1. Okinawa and I hope it'll be a great day and all your wishes come true
  2. Yep thanks legionaire all seems okay now thanks for that
  3. I could be just me but when I try playing these new games I open the diamond drop one from the newly installed games and the click Play Game And get this error: Oops! Something went wrong! Sorry you don't have permission to play games in this category. Need Help? Our help documentation Contact the community administrator But if I choose full screen it opens up but just get a small screen in the top left of my firefox screen but they might not like me lol
  4. I like it looks really good and have it bookmarked just in case
  5. Thanks for the welcome and letting me join and I've read and understood the rules.
  6. Welcome to the forums johnny44 :)

    1. johnny44


      Thanks legionaire

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