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  1. i did and i tried 2 other browsers.. have sent you a pm.. it could be server related perhaps?
  2. nope all the ones marked "new" work fine, the others the same as before even after replacing
  3. ohhh so many, you did them fast thank you.. will have another look at the garden tales ones. Morwen says she tried the ones i replaced and they didn't work, so i tried them again and they didn't for me, now she says they work fine.. so am off to try em again.. sorry LG
  4. on pga, its as if the ones not previously installed classed as clean install whereas the others are installing over the top of existing ones.. therefore need to delete old ones and do a clean install of everything?
  5. There were about 6-7 we had not installed on pga, which showed up as new installs they work fine, the others however are still the same, diverting to ludosmundi - i tried in 2 others browsers to ensure it was not a cache problem and got the same error Could it be some sort of time code ? when time runs out it refers to their site?
  6. ahh ok was just gonna report 5 series of them candy rain, jewels blitz are affected also, why did they suddenly start redirecting to there? they have been working fine till now anything we can do to help?
  7. same is happening on PGA too, I see you have removed them off your site too Legionaire but no mention about them going to https://ludosmundi.com/
  8. sussed him out right away, he was denied access to PGA fore he even got a foot in the door.. Take no notice, for everyone like him there are 100's that appreciate help in any form x
  9. this is what i see with both play and full screen waited for ages to see if it would load passed the wanted html games, but just went to black screen
  10. weird will try again
  11. I see there is a score for this game, but only get a black screen playing with chrome.. both in play and full screen
  12. it submits 0 score - have downloaded it again and reinstalled will try again
  13. am getting this msg when installing The tar file is corrupt ->walkrazy_Origon Your process was not lost. If you contine to get this error on same file, please delete the file manual! Click here to continue
  14. You are about to file a report on Zodiac Mahjong please ensure that you provide as much data as possible to help us in resolving the issue for which you are reporting this game submitting takes you to index page
  15. You are about to file a report on Mahjong Everyday please ensure that you provide as much data as possible to help us in resolving the issue for which you are reporting this game does not load with chrome
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