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  1. Not my usual thing, but I fixed all of the Firework Fever levels, got rid of the alerts and fixed the descriptions to not include "Manual" install. Enjoy.
  2. I've added another message to the installer for files like this: The funny thing is, it's looking for the correct filename in the javascript "frw_stage5.ogg", but somehow the file got the (1) in there. They should all be repackaged.
  3. There's an illegal filename in gamedata/FireworkFever2Level20fanfan/res/snd/frw_stage5 (1).ogg It may not break the game, but other filenames that have things like parenthesis in them might be more critical and break the game which would be useless. The thing to do with this game is find the reference in the .html/.js and fix it, then make new archives so it can auto install. And no way did it ever install in V3.
  4. Didn't install on V4, which I'll have to take a look into, and didn't install on V3 (yes, I have a complete V3 arcade running with no issues)... but I got this message: Maybe we should ask @fanfan?
  5. I don't know, let me give it a shot.. that is a left over "Alert" from V3.
  6. It's the comment obviously... guess we'll have to restrict the size.
  7. Ok, going to try Academy Bubble level 20 and 40 instead...
  8. Can I have a copy or two of games you say don't install? Going to try FIREWORK FEVER2 LEVEL 30 now...
  9. https://3dogsarcade.com/index.php?arcade/jackpots Just started tracking them (on the user end) too.
  10. If you go to the User Settings in this Arcade and select "Test Fluid Layout" for "Game Row Layout", let me know what you think of how the game list looks. It's not complete, but would like some early input.
  11. Should all be good now, my apologies.
  12. Will be fixed for next release.
  13. +1 I've gotten rid of the default "No Current Alerts" in new games being installed by tar or manually. You could use the "Mass Editor" in the game manager and blank out all of the Alerts. In the next release, nothing will be displayed unless there is an alert.
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